Saturday, March 31, 2007


This whole blog thing is pretty nifty.
And I started thinking about them when I first subscribed to my friend Lee's blog.
At first, she was my friend Matt's girlfriend. Since then, though, she's become my friend and Matt's fiance (as well as my blogspiration - I just made that up. Yeah, it's dumb, I know)
Matt, by the way is nicknamed Beef, although I like to call him Tofu. Just thought that you'd want to know.
As of yet, I know of no nicknames for Lee. I am going to start working on that right now.

So, Lee has this engaging and entertaining blog that I've been reading for awhile now. She is a great writer, and takes some fun pictures as well. Her blog is, well, a little slice of her life. It is a really cool way to keep up with what's going on within the worldofLee. WorldLee. Nice. Anyway, you should all go and check out her blog! She turned me on to, which is the site that allows some of you to get this through email. It also has lots of great statistics about who has checked out your site. If everyone goes to her blog from the link below, and then browses around some of her posts, then Lee will think that I am about as cool as I think she is. (By the way the link below is a blog entry about FolkFoods!

Okay, I have heard a lot about Lee and Beef (Leef?) and their cooking adventures. There is some mention of them in her blog. So I have another idea for an interactive moment. (By the way, I will be following up about the picture that I mentioned awhile ago, it was a vegetable stock.) Anyway, the interactivity:

** What is the meal/food that you most enjoy cooking and serving to other people?

So here is how this works. If you have a blog (LEE, JENN, SUSAN, JOHN, soon to be ANDY and TAMARA) then post that on your blog as an entry. (Challenge-by-Choice, of course) Include whatever you want and be as extensive as you'd like, include the recipe if you want, or not. Others without blogs, feel free to join in and add to this entry as a comment. I hope to link all of these ideas to the blog and perhaps we can get a nice good list of recipes, food stories, comfort food, whatever to share! (See, Lee really is a blogspiration - err...that really is a dumb word.)


Lee said...

thank you for this! and bless your little heart for posting the photo of me in my wedding make up. i hope people will think i ALWAYS look like that. even though i never do. xo!

dania said...

hey jason. this is awesome. can't wait to try more FOOD! yay! see u wed.