Wednesday, March 28, 2007

FolkFoods Business Update

Here's a really quick update on the FolkFoods business. What you see above is Shana and I holding our recently acquired LLC certificate. That's right folks! We are officially the owners of a limited liability corporation. FolkFoods, LLC.

(We have no stock yet. We do have three products that we are going to be producing and a site where we are going to produce them. We are still working on the label. We are a bit closer to getting accepted to farmer's markets this summer. We have an accountant. We have a lot of excitement. We have 32 subscribers to this blog! We want more. We still have nothing up on our website. We don't have our booth ready for the farmer's markets. We have some great ideas for prepared sandwiches that we will serve at the farmer's markets in addition to our products. We have no idea what we are going to charge for all of this stuff. We have applied for a million dollar liability insurance policy. We are working on getting a health department certificate to sell prepared food at the markets. We don't have the perfect packaging yet. We are filled with excitement.)

Wow. Well, there is a lot to come!


Tamara, Eran & Asher said...

That is fabulous news, congratulations, we are so proud of both of you.

Rebecca said...

Congrats! Ben and I expect to benefit from your hardwork somehow. (Hopefully in the form of good food and culinary ideas).
Ben and Becky