Friday, June 20, 2008

Masterful Ginger-Lime Shrimp

(I wrote this post awhile ago; we've been sort of busy.)

The evening before my first Father's Day, Shana scooted Micah Baer and I out of the house so that she could prep a most wonderful breakfast for us. And thus began, what I hope, will be a yearly tradition: The Pre-Father's Day Boys' Night Out! I went over to my friend's place where we hung out in the garden, ate good food, drank excellent beer and listened to great old records. Dave's wife Jenny was out, so it was a great boys' night. Everyone was psyched to see, "the Baer" and I was really glad that he was in a good mood to hang out with us all.

Anyway, Besides making the best Root Beer on the planet with his wife Jenny (Rookie's Root Beer - get it at the Burlington Farmers' Market, Church Street and at several local restaurants on tap!), Dave is also a fantastic chef. He is a huge fan of our Master Sauce and this evening he introduced me to his most recent Master Sauce creation.


24 shrimp, skewered
4 Tbs FolkFoods Master Sauce (or more)
salt/pepper to taste
1 lime zested (shaved off the peel with a fine grater)
2 Tbs molasses
Mix Together and Marinate 15 min.

Grill those yummy skewers!
Crushed Ginger Snaps 10- 12 cookies
Sprinkle good quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oil over all the shrimp while still warm
Sprinkle crushed Ginger Snaps on after pulling off the grill
Bam! Super-delicious treats.

(And, of course, let us know how it goes...)

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