Thursday, October 21, 2010

Extend your FolkFoods season!

As the end of the Farmers' Market season draws near, we are offering a fun special! The FolkFoods Breakfast Burrito Bundle - Make them all ahead of time and freeze them, or have a burrito party! Either way, you can continue having yummy and nutritious burritos long after the Farmers' Market has finished its summer run. Here are the details:

* 'FolkFoods Burrito Bundle' details, as promised. This Saturday, at the second to last market, you can pre-order your burrito bundle. Each bundle comes with the exact ingredients that we use to make 12 of our Burlington-famous Breakfast Burritos. For 45 dollars, you get the goods, including 1# of Shelburne Farms Cheddar, local eggs from Rockville Market Farm, local black beans cooked by me, and, of course, our taco seasoned Veggie Crumble. In order to pre-order, you'll need to put a $24 dollar deposit down, and then come on October 30 (the last day of market) to pick up your bundles! ** Also, if you get a bundle, we'll give you 50 cents off a jar of Master Sauce!** Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

(If you are receiving this email and are not in Vermont, we are sorry, but are not set up right now to do mail orders.)