Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yeah, We Are Still Here!

We are finished with our backyard asparagus, the greens are overtaking the garden, Ben is shedding like crazy, and the Burlington Farmers' Market has begun again!

We haven't kept up with this blog for a long, long time. It has been quite a year for us, and we will certainly share all of the great news in upcoming posts. For now, however, we just wanted to say hi!

We are still around, and selling at the Burlington Farmers' Market every Saturday. Right now, we are carrying our Master Sauce and making two wraps: the Breakfast Burrito and the Pizza Wrap. Both wraps highlight our Veggie Crumble. We're working diligently on getting production up and running for the packages of our Veggie Crumble and Veggie Patties (sorry that it has taken us this long...) Once that happens, we will also be selling our soon- to- be- world- famous Ruby Sandwich, the Benny (Jason's favorite), and a new sandwich, which is yet to be named.

Wait, that gives me an idea!!

Name the sandwich for us... It's a simple sandwich: small roll, homemade roasted garlic paste, Veggie Patty, and cheese. You can add ketchup, mustard, Master Sauce and/or homemade sauerkraut. I don't really want to call it a Veggie Burger because, as some of you know, our Patties are not designed to taste anything like burgers, sausages, or meat at all. They are just plain good! So, if you have any ideas, please share. If we use your idea, visit us at the Market and we'll give you a sandwich -- on us!

Okay, so this has already become much longer than I originally intended. No recipe today, more to come, as well as a ton of good news, more pictures, and lots of updates!

Have a great day!
Jason, Shana and Micah Baer!


Anonymous said...

ok im thinking "The micah Baer" or "Micah's Delite" or" micah's lite bite"" get the theme . love from poppy neshky. "THE MICAH B "

Anonymous said...

Howzabout "The Micahwich"?
or "the folkwich" (haha, broom and magic wand sold separately).

Anonymous said...

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