Sunday, April 15, 2007

Country Folk, City Folk

Asher, Tamara and Eran!
Welcome to Vermont!
My sister, her husband and their 3 month old son (Tamara, Eran and Asher) have come to visit! They drove up from New York City on Friday and we've been talking late into the night and eating ever since! (And of course spending a lot of time cuddling and cooing over Asher!)

It has been really fun sharing my Vermont family with my New York family. On Saturday night most of us got together for a pizza fest and baby-filled evening of conversation and laughter. It was Awesome. I learned something, however. I have no idea how to cook for a specific number of people. We had 8 adults and we made enough food for at least 12 (which isn't an altogether bad thing, I now have 2 whole frozen pizzas ready for the next time!)

Tamara and Eran tried some FolkFoods products for the first time as well. I used some of our Veggie Crumble on the pizza, and it was a big hit! To be honest, it is a big thing to me that both Tamara and Eran were such fans; they are veggie friendly, but are certainly bonified meat eaters. They raved about the crumble. So much so, in fact, that we decided to experiment and try to replicate one of Eran's mother's recipes, which is a sort of Turkish, middle-eastern spiced ground meat baked roll-up. On Sunday night we made two of these roll-ups (recipe to follow in the next short post) and did a side-by-side comparison of the crumble version and the ground beef version. We fed 8 adults and all of them loved the Crumble version (3 even claimed that it was better than the ground meat!) I am becoming more and more confident in our FolkFoods products and our vision. After the weekend that we've just had, I am so excited to share recipes, community, experience and practical strategies with people!
Oh, and before I finish this post, I have a new endorsement that I would like to share with you:

Stay tuned for:
- More from our Urban Family! (Perhaps a guest blogger?)
- More Recipes
- Major Business Updates
- Making and Using Stock (Have you been saving your scraps?)
- Reading Suggestions!


Anonymous said...

old young people and young old people . still gathering berries for a fun filled festiful under the solstice moon.hip hop milk guzzling and bread breaking.strange blend of musical themes and cultures .capklelz????
OY VAY VATO.slow down the food prep
and enjoyment .see cu in the spring
the old man is down the road .

Anonymous said...

I'm a NY vegetarian and I am SO excited about what you guys r doing! It's something I've always thought about doing myself =) Btw- ur sausage patties are Delicious!!

Jason and Shana said...

NY Vegetarian! Thanks for commenting! We will make sure that you are supplied with patties, although they will be slightly different (see an upcoming blog post) and hey, while you are at it, subscribe and pass us along! Thanks again!