Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Traditional Foods - Farmer's Markets - Business Craziness - Here We Come!

Hello Everyone!

Well, It seems that it's taken longer than expected to get this whole thing off the ground. (Isn't that always (sometimes) the way?) We were hoping to send out an email with a lot of hullabaloo and fanfare with this announcement. Instead, however, it will be a calmer, more reflective note.

[Some of you already know various details of this message, so please excuse the repetition, and (per some of your requests) this will be a shorter message than some of the previous ones.]

We are starting a small artisan foods business here in Burlington, VT. The official launch date has been delayed, for some busines-y reasons, that we are still not so sure about (any of our business-y friends out there, feel free to contact us to answer some of our questions re: LLC, trademarking etc.)

But, the details so far:
Our company is called FolkFoods. You will be able to find us at; we have the domain name, now we are looking for a web designer to help us get started. You will also soon be able to read our rambling blog (so there is less rambling on these emails) at, NOT to be confused with, which is a cool blog highlighting the Localvore movement in New Hampshire (If you don't know what the Localvore movement is, ask or look it up. It will be sort of important to our business as well.) We have about 4 products that we are dilligently testing and getting ready and are planning to start selling this spring at several farmer's markets around Vermont. Additionally, we will be (hopefully) distributing to local restaraunts, bed & breakfasts, and co-ops/healthstores etc. From there, we shall see!

We are still working on label design (a lot more work to go on that), which will help in designing the website and creating a FolkFoods theme or brand. We are most certainly open to ideas at this point. We would very much like to stay with the ideas of folkfoods and get as much input from our 'folk' as possible. We believe in the promise of creative endeavors that arise within the context of community and connection. As such, longer visions for this company include social action, community building, workshops and more!

Well, this is already longer than hoped (but, realistically, shorter than expected!) This news is really exciting for us, and we welcome any questions, feedback, ideas, comments, etc. If you know someone that we have left out of this message, or someone that would be interested, definately let us know and forward it along. Thanks for reading...!!
- Jason and Shana!

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